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Are you ready to get a service dog! Before you apply for any of our programs please look though this page for our step by step guide, frequently asked questions, program requirements and restrictions, and through some of our tips for success. You can also download all the application documents needed, check your application status, and review our current training policies and COVID-19 precautions with the links below.  

Before you Apply

Talk it Over

A service dog can change your life, but only if you are ready for one. Make sure you and your loved ones have discussed it. Getting a service dog is adding a family member for life.


Your life will change in many ways once you have a service dog. With all the amazing benefits come some additional challenges as well. Does a dog fit into your lifestyle? 


There are so many way a service dog can help you in your daily life! Even with exceptional training and an experenced handler, dogs still make mistakes. This is a team effort. 

Health & Care

Are you healthy enough to take care of a service dog?

Can you walk them? Feed them? Take them to the vet? Before you apply make sure you can participate in training and care for them.

How to Apply
Application Download

The first step toward joining our program begins with filling out our Application and submitting it with your $25 processing fee. 


Once we receive your completed application one of our staff members will contact you for a phone interview to review the application.


After speaking with our staff please allow 2 to 3 weeks for final processing and scheduling for entry into the program. 


Submit Application
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Training Policies

SDNM is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. We specialize in assisting Veterans, Adults, and Children in New Mexico on their journey to getting a professionally trained service dog. 


Office: 505-358-1366

Trainers: 505-274-5048

Hours: Daily 9am to 5pm

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